The 2020 NYSSWEA conference (October 7-9) theme is….

Empowerment through Collaboration for Social Change

Proposals are now due June 1, 2020.

Strongly encouraged are presentations that feature faculty/student and/or interdisciplinary collaborations.

The conference cordially invites social work faculty, deans and directors, field instructors, students, practitioners and administrators to present their latest findings and new ideas based on ongoing research, practice, and experience associated with the conference theme. This year, we strongly encourage presentations focused on interdisciplinary collaboration and/or student-professor collaboration.

The NYSSWEA is a statewide organization. Its annual conference is meant to provide a forum for social work faculty, administrators, students, and practitioners to exchange information regarding social work education and related issues.

Instructions for submitting proposals:

Please include a cover sheet with contact information including name(s), email(s) and phone number(s). Please do not include identifying information on the remainder of the proposal. The remainder of the proposal should contain the following:

  • Title and abstract of 50 words
  • Category of presentation
  • Proposal of 500-700 words
  • Three learning objectives
  • References: APA style
  • Two or three sentences for the conference brochure


30 minute presentation, 10 minute Q & A:

  • Pedagogy: Demonstrations of teaching strategies utilized to deliver some aspect of the social work curriculum.
  • Program Administration: Strategies and/or resources in the administration of social work programs at the undergraduate or graduate level.
  • Curriculum Development: Models, frameworks, or resources utilized to deliver a component of the social work curriculum.
  • Field Education: Field education issues and/or strategies for implementing various aspects of field education in the social work curriculum.
  • Research Report: Original research with implications for social work education.
    Scholarly Paper: Scholarly papers describing theoretical discussions and insightful analysis of issues, trends, perspectives, and new models for exploring and understanding the field of social work and/or social work education.
  • Practice Reports: Innovations in social work practice with implications for curriculum development and delivery and/or social work education.

One-hour discussion:

  • Roundtable Discussion: Opportunity for participants to informally discuss and examine issues relevant to academia.

Informal presentation/discussion:

  • Posters: Projects and interests that can be effectively displayed in a visual format aided by appropriate handouts and personal interaction with the presenter. Posters will be displayed throughout the conference with a designated time period for presenters to discuss their posters.

Proposals should be submitted care of Dr. Amy Meyers at