Group picture of our colleagues and inspiring panelists at our 50th closing luncheon event.

A few comments from the panelists

Diana Strock-Lynskey

Many thanks to the Board for providing us with this opportunity to come together and contribute to the celebration of the past and current history and work of this organization as well as to serve, symbolically, as representatives to honor all who have contributed to its’ continued success.

Graciela Castex

I appreciated this opportunity to say thank you to all who made this wonderful organization.

Donna McIntosh

Recent moments and years of an incredible sense of community, history and growth.

Peggy Rapp

I am grateful for all of you and thank you for the joy of seeing you again! 

Jackie Azzarto

Thanks so much for the picture and the memories.

Virginia David

Thank you so much for all the memories that will last a very long time!!